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Provincial Treasurer attended Bursars’ reunion in Rome

Fr. Jose Rene C. Delariarte, OSA, the Provincial Treasurer attended the first ever conference for economes or treasurers of the different circumscriptions of the Order. Held at the General Curia of the Order in Rome from October 16 – 19, 2017 and facilitated by Fr. Anthony N. Banks, Chair of the Commission on Economy, the said conference was a response to the outcomes of the Intermediate General Chapter in Abuja, Nigeria (September 2016) in which the first four resolutions were all about the Economy within the Order.  The following themes were presented and discussed during the sessions of the said conference:

  1. Economics and Religious Life
  2. Key Principles for Communion and Economy
  3. Relationship between Governing Authority and the Service of Treasurers
  4. Communion of Goods – a discussion paper
  5. A handbook for Economes – developing principles and guidelines
  6. 2019: Reporting to the General Chapter (and to circumscription Chapters)
  7. 2022: Security of Assets of the Order


Fr. Delariarte stayed in Rome for almost a month because after the conference for treasurers, he also attended the International Congress on Luther and the Augustinian Order held from November 9 – 11, 2017.


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