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Message from the Prior General Regarding the Pandemic COVID-19

The first is that we should not minimize the problem. The situation is very serious Perhaps it is hard for us to accept it and we tend to downplay the issue. Made no mistake. The pandemic is advancing in an apparently unstoppable way and it is contaminating continents and nations, leading an imprint of disease and death. We are facing an alarming world situation. Therefore, a humble attitude is essential. We must first be humble. From there we can assume the fragility of our condition and the ephemeral nature of worldly security: humanity is not omnipotent, but vulnerable. The harsh reality in which we are living must orient us towards the Lord, trusting his mercy.

-Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón, OSA
Prior General O.S.A.


read more of his message at: COVID-LETTER-PG-(ENG)

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