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Saint Alonso de Orozco, priest

Feast Day: Sep, 19

Alonso was born on October 17, 1500 in Oropesa, Toledo, Spain, to deeply Christian parents. When he was still young the family moved to
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Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, priest

Feast Day: Sep, 10

Nicholas is the first member of the Order to have been canonized, and for much of the Order’s history served as the model –
Mary our Mother of Consolation

Mary, our Mother of Consolation

Feast Day: Sep, 04

The title of Our Mother of Consolation has been the principal devotion to Mary within the Order at least since the 17th Century. Its
Blessed Josephine of the Purification

Jan, 23

Blessed Josephine Mary of Benigánim, virgin

Josephine Teresa was born into a poor family at Benigánim (Valencia), Spain, onJanuary 9, 1625. She entered the local Augustinian convent of the discalcedobservance
Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe 1

Jan, 03

Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe, bishop

Fulgentius, a member of the Gordiani senatorial family, was born in 462 at Thelepte (modern-day Medinet-el-Kedima) in Tunisia. As a young man he held
Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe

Feb, 16

Blessed Simon of Cascia, priest

Simon was born in Cascia, Italy, toward the end of the 13th Century, of the distinguished Fidati family. Initially, he dedicated his energies to
Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe

Feb, 13

Blessed Christine of Spoleto

Agostina Camozzi was the daughter of a well-known doctor in Ostenso in the Italianprovince of Como. A graceful and attractive young woman, she married
Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe

Feb, 07

Blessed Anselmo Polanco, bishop and martyr

Anselm was born in Buenavista de Valdavia (Palencia), Spain, on April 16, 1881. Hejoined the Augustinians at Valladolid, professing vows in 1897. He was
Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe 1

Feb, 03

Blessed Stephen Bellesini, priest

Luigi Bellesini was born in Trent, Italy, on November 25, 1774. He entered the Order atthe monastery of San Marco in his native city,
Saint Joseph Husband of the Virgin Mary Protector of the Order

Mar, 19

Saint Joseph, Husband of the Virgin Mary, Protector of the Order

The General Chapter of 1491, celebrated in Rome, decreed: “In all the houses and monasteries of our Order the Office of Saint Joseph, whose
Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe

Apr, 26

Our Mother of Good Counsel

Augustinian devotion to Mary under the title of Our Mother of Good Counsel has its origin in the hill-town church of Genazzano, Italy, where
Blessed Helen of Udine

Apr, 23

Blessed Helen of Udine

Helen Valentini was born in Udine, northern Italy, about the year 1396. She married Antonio Cavalcanti around 1414 and bore him six children. When
Saint Rita of Cascia religious

May, 22

Saint Rita of Cascia, religious

Rita Lotti was born in 1381 in the little village of Roccaporena, Italy, the only child of a devout and humble Christian couple. She
Blessed Clement of Osimo Augustine of Tarano priests

May, 19

Blessed Clement of Osimo & Augustine of Tarano, priests

Clement was born at the very beginning of the 13th Century in the Italian region known as The Marches of Ancona. As a youth he
Blessed William of Toulouse priest

May, 18

Blessed William of Toulouse, priest

William was born in Toulouse, France, around the year 1297. At the age of 19 he entered the Augustinian monastery in his native city
Saints Alypius and Possidius bishops

May, 16

Saints Alypius and Possidius, bishops

Alypius was born in the middle of the fourth century in Tagaste, Africa, to parents who were influential citizens of that city. He studied law
Our Lady of Help

May, 13

Our Lady of Help

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin under the title ‘Our Lady of Help’ or ‘Our Lady of Succor’, began at the start of the 14th
Blessed William Tirry priest and martyr

May, 12

Blessed William Tirry, priest and martyr

William was born in Cork, Ireland, in 1608. He entered the Order when he was 18 years old and did his studies at Valladolid,
Our Lady of Grace

May, 08

Our Lady of Grace

This title of ‘Our Lady of Grace’ is the oldest with which the Order has shown veneration to Mary. The General Chapter of 1284
Saint John of Sahagun priest

Jun, 12

Saint John of Sahagún, priest

John González was born in 1430 of a well-to-do family in Sahagún de Campos, Spain. He studied under the Benedictines in his native city,
Blessed James of Viterbo bishop

Jun, 04

Blessed James of Viterbo, bishop

Thought by some historians to be a descendant of the noble Capocci family, James was born in Viterbo, Italy, around 1255. He joined the
Blessed Magalene Albrici

Jul, 17

Blessed Magalene Albrici, virgin

Magdalene was born at Como in the region of Lombardy, Italy, about 1415. As a young woman she joined a small community which had
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Aug, 26

Saints Liberatus, Boniface and Companions, martyrs

In 484, some 34 years after the death of Saint Augustine, the Vandal king, Hunneric, issued a decree ordering the closure of all Christian
Our Father Saint Augustine bishop and doctor

Aug, 28

Our Father, Saint Augustine, bishop and doctor

Augustine was born in Tagaste, Souk-Ahras, Algeria on November 13, 354 to Patricius, a pagan, and Monica, a fervent Catholic. He was endowed with
Saint Monica

Aug, 27

Saint Monica

Monica was born in Tagaste, present day Algeria, in 331, to a deeply Christian family of some means. She was given in marriage to
Saint Ezekiel Moreno bishop

Aug, 19

Saint Ezekiel Moreno, bishop

Ezekiel was born in Alfaro, Spain, on April 9, 1848. He joined the Recollect Congregation of the Order in Monteagudo (Navarra) in 1864, and
Blessed John of Rieti religious

Aug, 02

Blessed John of Rieti, religious

John was born in Castel Porchiano, near the city of Amelia, in the region of Umbria, Italy, around the year 1318. He entered the
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Sep, 19

Saint Alonso de Orozco, priest

Alonso was born on October 17, 1500 in Oropesa, Toledo, Spain, to deeply Christian parents. When he was still young the family moved to
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Sep, 10

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, priest

Nicholas is the first member of the Order to have been canonized, and for much of the Order’s history served as the model –
Mary our Mother of Consolation

Sep, 04

Mary, our Mother of Consolation

The title of Our Mother of Consolation has been the principal devotion to Mary within the Order at least since the 17th Century. Its
image asset 8

Oct, 25

Saint John Stone, priest and martyr

Almost everything we know about John Stone regards his imprisonment and death. Presumably he joined the Augustinians at Canterbury, England, where the Order was
image asset 12

Oct, 23

Saint Willian the Hermit & Blessed John the Good, religious

Both of these hermits belong to the period of the Order’s pre-history. William, who was never personally associated with the Augustinians, and who died,
image asset 7

Oct, 20

Saint Magdalene of Nagasaki, virgin and martyr

Magdalene was born in 1611 near Nagasaki, Japan, the daughter of devout Christian parents. While she was still young her mother, father, and siblings
image asset 6

Oct, 14

Blessed Gonzalo of Lagos, priest

Gonzalo was born about the year 1360, in Lagos (Algarve), in the south of Portugal, the son of a fisherman. He joined the Augustinians
image asset 5

Oct, 12

Blessed Maria Teresa Fasce, virgin

Maria Giovanna Fasce was born into a family of means in Torriglia, in the region of Genoa, Italy, on December 27, 1881. As a
image asset 4

Sep, 11

Blessed Elías del Socorro Nieves, priest and martyr

Elías was born in Yuriria, Mexico of modest farming parents in 1882. While young he had a great desire to become a priest, but

Oct, 10

Saint Thomas of Villanova, bishop

Thomas Garcia Martinez was born about 1486 in Fuenllana, Spain, and was raised in Villanueva de los Infantes, with which town his name is
image asset 13

Oct, 09

Blessed Anthony Patrizi, priest

Anthony Patrizi was born in Siena sometime in the thirteenth century, although the exact date and year are not known. He belonged to the
image asset 10

Nov, 29

Blessed Frederick of Regensburg, religious

Frederick was born in Regensburg (Ratisbon), Germany, and joined the Order there in the Monastery of Saint Nicholas. His life as an Augustinian was
image asset 9

Nov, 08

Blessed Avelino Rodríguez, priest, and Companions, martyrs

This group of 98 Augustinian martyrs represents friars from several communities of the Order in Spain who were the victims of religious persecution during
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Nov, 07

Blessed Gratia of Kotor, religious

Gratia was born in 1438 in the small town of Mula on the coast of Dalmatia near Cattaro (Kotor), not far from present-day Albania.
ScreenShot2019 11 04at1.45.56PM

Nov, 05

Blessed Mariano de la Mata, priest

Mariano was born into a simple Christian family from Barrio de la Puebla de Valdavia (Palencia), Spain, in 1905. Three of his brothers preceded

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