Guadalupe was the official rest house of the Augustinians during the Spanish colonial era. It is located on a hilly ground overlooking the Pasig River in the then quaint town of San Pedro de Makati now simply Makati City. The monastery of Guadalupe suffered heavy damages from the ravages of the Filipino American war. The friars left Guadalupe in 1901 and returned only in 1970 upon the invitation of the then Archbishop of Manila, Rufino J. Cardinal Santos.

Upon their return, the friars were entrusted with the administration of the Nuestra Señora de Gracia (NSdG) Parish which covers the entire Barangay Guadalupe Viejo and opened San Agustin Seminary (SAS), a formation house for aspirants and postulants to the Augustinian Order who are already college degree holders or the so-called “late vocations”. Two seminaries of the Archdiocese of Manila are situated inside the territory of NSdG Parish: San Carlos Seminary and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary.

7440 Bernardino St., Guadalupe Viejo
1200 Makati City

Foundation: 1970

Tel No. 02 8899 3169

House Officials:
Fr. Nelson G. Zerda, OSA Prior
Fr. Nicolas M. Echeveria, OSA Sub-Prior, Counselor
Fr. Reo G. Cahabug, OSA Procurator, Secretary, Local Director of Vocations
Fr. Jessie T. Tabobo, OSA Librarian/Archivist and Treasurer
Fr. Edgar A. Polotan, OSA Member
Fr. Basilio S. Sugata-on, OSA Member
Fr. Williener Jack E. Luna, OSA Member

Institutions attached to the Community:
San Agustin Seminary
Foundation: 1970

Seminary Formation Team:
Fr. Basilio S. Sugata-on, OSA Master of the Pre – Novices (Professionals)
Chair, Formation Team
Fr. Reo G. Cabahug, OSA Member
Fr. Jessie T. Tabobo, OSA Member

Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish
Foundation: 1970

Parish Officials:
Fr. Basilio S. Sugata-on, OSA Parish Priest
FR. Nelson G. Zerda, OSA Parochial Vicar

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