San Jose Community

The Augustinian Community of San Jose ministers to two institutions: 1) San Jose Parish and 2) San Jose Catholic School. San Jose Parish was given to the Augustinians in 1868 in exchange for Jaro which was chosen to be the cathedral of the then newly established Diocese (now Archdiocese) of Jaro. San Jose Parish as the focal point of the religious activities for the grand Dinagyang Festival that honors Señor Santo Niño de Cebu. It likewise houses the venerable image of Nuestra Señora del Santo Rosario which was miraculously recovered in Fort San Pedro in 1616.  San Jose Catholic School (SJCS), then again, was founded in 1950 as a parochial school. Its name was later changed to the current one. The Augustinians built numerous parochial churches in the province of Iloilo during the Spanish colonial period. Today, San Jose Community continues the legacy of Augustinian parish priests and school administrators that had nurtured the Filipino spirit across the centuries. 


001 San Jose de Calasanz Street, Plaza Libertad, 5000 Iloilo City 


Foundation: 1868 


Parish Tel No.  (033) 336 – 4802 

Fax: (033) 337 – 5461 

School Tel No. (033) 335 – 0384 

Fax:  (033) 337 – 5461 

House Officials: 

Fr. Jose R. Gonzales, OSA House Prior  

Fr. Raymundo T. Alcayaga, OSA Secretary (on leave) 

Fr. Raul M. Marchan, OSA Treasurer, Librarian/Archivist, Counselor  

Fr. Leo Mario F. Singco, OSA Procurator  

Fray Arturo P. Adalim, OSA Member  


Institutions attached to the Community: 

San Jose Parish 

Foundation: given to the Augustinians in exchange of Jaro in 1868 


Parish Officials: 

Fr. Raymundo T. Alcayaga, OSA Parish Priest (on leave)

Fr. Jose R. Gonzales, OSA Acting Parish Priest  

Fr. Raul M. Marchan, OSA Parochial Vicar

Fr. Leo Mario F. Singco, OSA Parochial Vicar  


San Jose Catholic School 

Foundation: 1950 


School Administrators: 

Fr. Leo Mario F. Singco, OSA Director, Principal, Registrar

Fr. Raul M. Marchan, OSA Treasurer

Fr. Jose R. Gonzales, OSA Sports Director  


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