Santo Niño de Cebu Parish Community (Talisay City, Cebu)

Mohon, as this community is often called in reference to the name of the barangay where the friars’ residence is located, was officially accepted as a house of the Order on May 2, 2000 during the time of Fr. Miguel Ángel Orcasitas Gómez, OSA as Prior General. The community’s history can be traced to the Augustinian community that ministers to both the Santo Niño de Cebu Parish and the Augustinian Novitiate and Prayer House (ANPH) both institutions located in Mohon. With the development of the area around Mohon and the population growth in neighborhoods and villages around the parish, a separate community was deemed necessary in order to minister to the spiritual needs of the parishioners. 

Mohon’s first Parish Priest was the late Fr. Ambrosio J. Galindez, OSA while the 1st Local Prior was Fr. Nicolas M. Echeveria, OSA. Frs. Galindez and Echeveria both enthusiastically promoted the devotion to Santo Niño de Cebu and to Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion to their parishioners. The friary or the friars’ residence was blessed in 2004 by the then Prior General and now Bishop of Chiclayo in Peru – Most Rev. Robert F. Prevost, OSA.

Most Rev. Robert F. Prevost, OSA (in white habit), Former Prior General of the Order of Saint Augustine and now Bishop of Chiclayo (Peru) during the Blessing of the Santo Niño de Cebu Friary in 2004 together with (from left to right) Fr. Eusebio B. Berdon, OSA, Fr. Medardo A. Durmiendo, OSA, + Fr. Richard L. Pido, OSA, Fr. Nicolas M. Echeveria, OSA and Fr. Jerome P. Mesina, OSA. 

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