Planting of the Cross

Commemoration of the 501st anniversary of the Planting of the Cross

Five hundred and one years ago on March 31, 1521 Captain Ferdinand Magellan set up the first Cross of the Christian faith “at the

ecce homo at 450

450th Anniversary of the Finding of the Ecce Homo Image (1571 – August 20 – 2022): A Historical Account and Biblical Reflection

In the first half of the 16th century, the Spanish fleet led by Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippine shore. Of the original

New Look HIstory

A New Look at Philippine History and the Friars

When I was studying Philippine History in high school, I was given the impression that the last hundred years of Spanish regime in the

10 Augustinian Values

Esmeralda: 10 Augustinian Values

Rev. Fr. Albert Esmeralda, OSA is the author of this article entitled the 10 Augustinian Values. The article is originally published online at the

St. Thomas of Villanova

St. Thomas of Villanova and his Traditional Feast

SAINT THOMAS OF VILLANOVAAugustinian Archbishop of Valencia, SpainTraditional Feast, September 22 Today is the old feast of St. Thomas of Villanova, an Augustinian bishop

Season of Creation 2021 Prayer

Season of Creation 2021 Prayer

Creator of all, We are grateful that from your communion of love you created our planet to be a home for all. By your

Santo Niño

Santo Niño de Cebu and Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection

by Fr. Williener Jack E. Luna, OSA The image of Santo Niño is often associated with the season of Christmas and the many Santo

500th Anniversary of Christinanity

Why 500? On the 500th Anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines

(We are publishing in toto and with the author’s permissionthis short reflection posted by Fr. Melchor L. Mirador, OSA on his Facebook timeline last


Reasons Why They Came: The Case of the Augustinians in the Philippines

What brought the Augustinians to the Philippines? This brief and simple article is an attempt to demonstrate the arrival and to clarify the reasons

Orcasitas: An Augustinian School

Miguel Angel Orcasitas, OSA: An Augustinian School

This article is an extract from a letter sent in October 1993 to Augustinians involved in education. The author was by Fr Miguel Angel

St. Augustine on Community

The Origins of Augustinian Community

Augustine is dramatically enlightened by God with his closest friend Alypius beside him, who is converted in the same event. He is baptized with


Eusebio Berdon OSA: Augustinians before the Third Millennium: Religious Men and Women and Lay

At first glance the title of this article may immediately elicit in us a reaction to go into a detailed analysis of today’s situation

Van Bavel

Tarsisius van Bavel OSA: Comments on the Rule of St Augustine

What I wish to say here is not new, but perhaps it is important for our relation as Augustinians to the modern world. Many


The Servant Leader in the Perspective of Augustinian

Fr. Robert F. Prevost, O.S.A.Prior General 2001 – 2013.Order of Saint AugustineJuly 25, 2005 Introduction Early in the year 387, (so after Augustine’s “conversion

Message to the Youth Pope Francis

Be A Rebel of the Gospel: Pope Francis’ Message to the Youth, A Message to All Believers

The present Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis paints a very unconventional image in my mind. An image of a person

Augustine and Friendship

St Augustine and friendship

This talk by the late Fr Michael Morahan O.S.A. was given to Augustinian seminarians in Seoul, South Korea in 1993. He was Principal (Rector)

Lumen Fidei

Lumen Fidei and Evangelii Gaudium: The Church’s Response to God’s Call to Serve

Everyone in our Church today speaks of “new evangelization” as a current trend of addressing the pressing problems in relation to the modern world.

30 years of evangelization

Province of Cebu: Thirty Years of Evangelization

When the Province Santo Niño de Cebu was born 30 years ago in January 1984, she was born with great inheritance. When she was

Francis Martin OSA Christus Medicus – Christ the Doctor

Francis Martin OSA: Christus Medicus – Christ the Doctor

Ever conscious of the spiritual healing and restoration he himself experienced in Christ’s loving embrace and tender care, Augustine used the Latin phrase Christus

Groaning of Injured Creation

Alfeche: The Cry of a Wounded Heart and the Groaning of an Injured Creation

By Rev. Fr. Mamerto Alfeche, OSA (This was originally published in the Augustinian Initial Formation Congress 2021 Document. )            T. J. Van Bavel,

Understanding Augustines Notion of Community copy

Soquiño: Understanding Augustine’s Notion of “Community” from the Perspective of “Loob”

By Rev. Fr. Tito Discaya Soquiño, OSA(This was originally published in the Augustinian Initial Formation Congress 2021 Document. ) So much has been written

Augustinian Way of Life

Cañon: Augustinian Way of Life (An Excerpt from the Ratio Institutionis)

By Rev. Fr. Roman Cañon, OSA(This was originally published in the Augustinian Initial Formation Congress 2021 Document. ) TALK I: LIFE OF RELATIONSHIPS THE

Wounded Heart

Esmeralda: Cry of a Wounded Heart

By Rev. Fr. Alberto Esmeralda, OSA (This was originally published in the Augustinian Initial Formation Congress 2021 Document. ) Introduction             When I received

Wounded Heart

Bugna: A Cry of a Wounded Heart

(This article was written by Rev. Fr. Rodolfo Bugna, OSA. This was originally published in the Augustinian Initial Formation Congress in 2012. )               

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