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The Three Stages of Augustinian Initial Formation (from the Augustinian Initial Formation Program approved during the 10th Ordinary Provincial Chapter):

  1. Pre-Novitiate
  2. Novitiate
  3. Post-Novitiate



This stage embraces the initiation or orientation year, aspirancy and postulancy.

Aspirancy (3 years for Collegel Students and 1 year for Late Vocations)
This stage of formation aims at acquainting the candidate with the seminary life, particularly its Augustinian dimension, cultivating his vocation through the discerning guidance of formators.

Formation Houses:
  1. Saint Thomas of Villanova Hall (STVH) in San Agustin Center of Studies, Quezon City for SHS students
  2. San Agustin Seminary, Makati City for college-degree holders

Postulancy (1 year for College Students and 1 year for Late Vocations)
This is a year of intensified preparation for the novitiate and the start of the probation proper (cfr. Const., 228). After the candidate has expressed in writing his willingness to undergo the probation period, the major superior accepts him officially as a candidate to the Order.


Augustinian Novices

Two recent documents of the Church clearly define for us the purpose of the novitiate: “Religious life begins with the novitiate to initiate the novice into the essential and primary requirements of the religious life, and also in view of the greater clarity to implement the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty, and obedience of which he will later make profession” (Renovationis Causam, 13). “The purpose of the novitiate, by which life in an institute begins, is to give the novice a greater understanding of his divine vocation to that institute” (Code of Canon Law, 646).

Formation House:
  1. Augustinian Novitiate and Prayer House, Talisay City, Cebu



This is the stage which embraces the whole of simple profession period, theological studies or special studies, pastoral year or solemn profession and ordination. During this period the candidates strive to deepen their understanding of, and commitment to the religious life.

Formation House:
  1. Saint Nicholas of Tolentine Hall (SNTH) in San Agustin Center of Studies, Quezon City

Related Policies:
Theological Studies: all candidates to the clerical state or priesthood are required to take three to four years of theological studies and a year of Pastoral training.

Special Studies are undertaken in accordance with the inborn talents of the candidate and in line with the demands of his immediate assignment.

Pastoral Year: this is a must for all the simply professed which is taken after theological studies. It includes: community exposures, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), and one month integration. During this year the candidates are assigned in our different communities to familiarize themselves with the varied apostolates of the Province/Order. At the end of the pastoral year, the candidates are recalled back to the seminary for a month of integration period and to be followed with a one—month retreat prior to solemn profession.

Brotherhood: the qualification for the candidates for brotherhood are the same as those of the priesthood. The candidate must also undertake at least two years of theological studies. If for any reason, formal studies are not possible, the candidate should at least take up catechetical courses.

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