About Initial Formation

“Formation for religious life in the Augustinian community is of the greatest importance for every one of the brothers and for the well-being of the Order. Presently, initial formation includes the periods of pre-novitiate, novitiate and simple profession. Formation is to take place in a gradual and systematic way, while keeping a proper balance between human values and those based on the evangelical counsels. This formation should always be carried out in the context of the shared life, faith and apostolate of the community, which constitute the very substance of the Augustinian community.”



Monasterio de Guadalupe
Community (1601) 7440 Bernardino St., Guadalupe Viejo 1200 MAKATI CITY

The foundation of the church and convent of Monasterio de Guadalupe can be traced during the approval of its erection during the Provincial Chapter of the Augustinians on March 7, 1601. It was founded with a designation of domusformata under the advocacy of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Lady of Grace, the oldest Augustinian Marian devotion. In 1603, because of popular request, it was however changed to the patronage of our Lady of Guadalupe. A wooden replica of the image of our Lady of Guadalupe from Extramadura, Spain, used to be kept and popularly venerated in the church. But the said image was lost forever after the damaging earthquake in 1880.

The stone structure was completed sometime in 1623 under Fray Hernando Guerrero, OSA. However, many natural and man-made calamities had devastated the structure. A series of repairs were done by the Augustinians as time went by. But, ultimately it was destroyed in February 1899 during the Filipino-American war and was left for a long time in ruins. Some of its stones were used for the reconstruction of the Manila Cathedral leading to the demolition of the monastery building in 1950’s. After almost 70 years, the then Archbishop of Manila, Rufino Cardinal Santos, DD, invited back the Augustinians to pastorally manage the parish on June 29, 1970.

The Augustinians enthusiastically rebuilt the monastery and church as they were given fifty years by the archdiocese for its pastoral care. Today the community continues to manage the parish which was named back to its original title as the NuestraSeñora de Gracia Parish. The community also houses the formation of professional/late vocation seminarians preparing to be future Augustinian priests and brothers.

Augustinian Novitiate and Prayer House (1989

#1 Fisheries St., VASRA 1100 QUEZON CITY

San Agustin Center of Studies (SACS)

is one of the formation houses of the Augustinian Province of Sto. Niño de Cebu – Philippines which houses the formation communities of Simple Professed Friars (Theology students) and the Pre-novices (College students). Conceived by the friars at that time under the mother Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, it was finally concretized during its solemn blessing and inauguration on November 13, 1984, less than a year after the new Province of Sto. Niño de Cebu was born.

The Philosophy Institute of the Province, the Saint Thomas of Villanova Institute affiliated to the University of San Agustin Iloilo College of Arts and Sciences was established in 1996 within its compound. It is where the College seminarians study for their Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy as a preparatory step for their theological studies. In 2006, the institute opened also its portals to external students from other college seminaries. In 2014, SACS marks its 30th year anniversary of untiring formation of future Filipino Augustinian religious and priests in the service of the Order and the Church.

Augustinian Novitiate and Prayer House (1989

Lower Mohon, 6045 TALISAY CITY, CEBU
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A novitiate house in each religious congregation and order is an essential part of religious formation. Its importance is felt in the life of the Church that even in her basic legislation, the Canon Law basically protects it through its specific provisions. In the same note also that the newly inaugurated Augustinian Province in Asia-Pacific had felt the need of an independent institution to protect the neophyte members incorporated to Augustinian community. From the time of separation of the new province of Sto. Niño de Cebu from the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, its novices were used to housed in San Agustin Center of Studies, in Quezon City along with other formands of different formation levels. The move to construct a separate formation house started in November 1988 and completed in July 1989.

The date of its canonical erection and declaration as a religious community was on February 3, 1989 on the memorial of Augustinian Blessed Stephen Bellesini, who himself was once a faithful formator of novices. It was blessed on August 26, 1989 which was presided by Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, DD, Archbishop of Cebu with the then Prior Provincial, Fr. Eusebio Berdon, OSA.On February 3, 2014, the community celebrated God’s graciousness for the 25 years of fruitful formation of future Augustinian religious.