In response to Christ’s command to his disciples, “Go and make disciples from all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to fulfil all I have commanded you” (Mt. 28: 19-20), every friar is, by nature, a missionary wherever he is assigned. This missionary nature is exercised in one’s active involvement in the various apostolates of the communities of the Province or in communities where the Province is in close collaboration with other circumscriptions and other local Church.

The Province is blest with an increasing number of friars, including those in formation. With Filipino characteristics, these friars are basically flexible and adaptable to any situations and personalities. In terms of human resources, the Province has the capacity to send people for missionary work “mission ad gentes”. However, there is a need for a better preparation for those who intend to go to mission. At the moment, there exists a mission fund in the Province that has sustained so far its current missionary activities. In addition, the Province has assigned in areas as new missionary endeavors either within the country or abroad.

In order to promote the mission awareness of the Province every June 10 is declared Äugustinian Mission Awareness Day”. This awareness day coincides with the death anniversary of Fr. Bernardino Renomeron Ricafrente, O.S.A., who died in Indonesia as a missionary.

Friars in mission abroad:

1. Charlie Pomuceno, OSA – Japan
2. Jesus Daño, OSA – Japan
3. Antolin Asor, OSA – Canada
4. Michael Belonio, OSA – Australia
5. Tarquin Gamao, OSA – South Korea
6. Dennis Cuervo, OSA – South Korea
7. Edgar Poe, OSA – United States of America
8. Nestor Bandalan, OSA – Rome, Italy
9. Efren Objaan, OSA – Rome, Italy
10. Imman Noel Abellana, OSA – Prague
11. Isabelo Carloman, OSA – Prague
12. Victor Gonzaga, OSA – Indonesia
13. Roy Ervite, OSA – Belgium
14. Ellezer Pelingo – Canada
15. Fernando Cleopas – Canada

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