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Fr. Lumukso dies

Augustinian Vicariate of the Orient mourns Fr. Lumukso’s death

The Vicariate of the Orient announced with a heavy heart on July 19, 2021, the death of Rev. Fr. Antero “Tony” Lumukso y Villamarzo, OSA, prior of the Colegio San Agustin – Bulacan Community.

He passed away on the same day early in the morning at 5:56 am due to aneurysm.

He was 58 years old and had been a professed religious in the Order for 26 years and a priest for 21 years. He first professed his vows on 17 September 1994 and made his solemn profession on 16 March 1999.

His remains was brought to the Archdiocesan Shrine of N.S. de la Consolación y Correa – San Agustin Church on July 22, 2021 before his interment on the following day at the Laloma Cemetery in Caloocan, Metro Manila.

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