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Augustinians institute Simply-Professed Friars to the Lectorate and Acolytate Ministries

Eleven simply-professed Augustinian friars were instituted to the ministries of lectorate and acolytate during the community Mass on September 18,2021 at the Multi-purpose Hall of the San Agustin Center of Studies (SACS): Eight for the lectorate and three for the acolytate. They received their ministries from the hands of Rev. Fr. Edgardo L. Lazo, OSA, the Prior of SACS Community, on behalf of the Prior Provincial, Rev. Fr. Andres D. Rivera Jr., OSA.

The Augustinian community prays that the good Lord may continue to help them become worthy ministers to serve Him and His people, especially in the proclamation of the Word and in assisting at the altar.

The newly-instituted lectors are the second year simply-professed friars namely:

Fray Ronel M. Bayon-on, OSA

Fray Kristofer Carlo E. Sta. Ana, OSA

Fray Shierwin S. Espenido, OSA

Fray CSN S. Pomoy, OSA

Fray King V. Nepangue, OSA

Fray Harvey Kent S. Solatorio, OSA

Fray Jeremy Jonas R. Alcaria, OSA

Fray Nemie Boy R. Cataluña, OSA

Meanwhile, the third year simply-professed friars received the ministry of acolyte. They are:

Fray Jules Van V. Almerez, OSA

Fray James N. Dosado, OSA

Fray Keith Lawrence J. Ermac, OSA

Being instituted to the lectorate and acolytate ministries is part of the requirements of those who aspire to be ordained to the Sacrament of Holy Orders. (SACS Mass Media Center)

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