larong pinoy

“Larong Pinoy” is alive today

“Ali, Duwa Ta”

Team Batang Sipat won the final round of the “Larong Pinoy” and bested three other teams of homeless sponsored children or scholars of Santo Augustinian Foundation (SNAF)-Enfant du Mekong (EDM) and Basilica Children’s Welfare Foundation on April 23, 2022 at Colegio Del Santo Niño Activity Center.

The Larong Pinoy Sportsfest, initiated and staged by the Social Work Interns of the Philippine Augustinians Development Office (PADO), focuses on the aspect of helping children stay active to improve their quality of life. The Pinoy games played are: Patintero, Piko, Slipper Mannequin, Tanday-tanday, Kadang-kadang, Sack Race, and Dutch Ball

The: Batang Astig, Angel’s Burger, and Batang Santo Niño did not reach the final round, but they were quite happy. They were enjoying themselves while sharing their feelings and insights in the group.

Scholars say, “Happy-nalingaw kay nakapagawas nakapasingot,” “Nalingaw sa Slipper Mannequin,” and “Lingaw nga kapoy.”The Tanday-tanday game was the easiest for them, and the Kadang-kadang game was the most difficult.

As they shared their learnings, one of the scholars, Ashley Carreon, said, “Dapat maminaw sa instructions ug magtinabangay.”  Upon waiting for the results of the winners, Lore Ann Baar says, “Bahala’g dili makadaog basta nalingaw.”

The team Batang Sipat composed of May, Valerie, Jaycort, Zessan, Angel, and Ashley, won the championship in the Amazing Race. They were privileged enough to receive an award or prize from the PADO Deputy Director. Ms. Carmelita M. Egot, SNAF Coordinator; Ms. Teressa Ceballos, and Ms. Maricor Gozon, BSN-CWFI Social Worker, presented the awards. The activity design was crafted by the University of Cebu – Social Work Intern of PADO, Michelle Apostol.

Prepared by: Melrose Carabuena, UC-SW Intern

Noted:  Carmelita M. Egot, RSW, PADO Deputy

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