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Fr. Rivera Message

Message of the Prior Provincial on the Feast of Saint Augustine

Here is a video message of Rev, Fr. Andres Rivera, Jr., OSA on the Solemnity of Saint Augustine to all members of the Province and the Filipino Augustinians on August 28, 2021.

While the world has been searching for the best defense and treatment against COVID-19, people at the same time hope anxiously to see the end of this pandemic. The experience of the mandatory social isolation is distressing and has ignited a deep sense of turmoil in every human soul which is basically design to be a social being.

The evil and the maladies brought about by this obscure virus have directly affected almost every aspect of human life, be it socio-economic, political, and psycho-spiritual. Where will this pandemic lead us?

On this Feast of Saint Augustine, the renowned doctor of the Church, what can he teach us today as we continue our search for the truth of our present predicament and to understand the core meaning of all these. Looking at the life of this great saint, Augustine was a man of prayer, whose faith is strengthened and inspired by the grace of God. In Augustine’s life, we can describe that grace is a great force that modifies human mind from fear into trust, from confusion into certainty, from encountering evil thoughts towards being drawn to life of charity and chastity.

In this manner, human efforts may be great but it should always be complimented and aided by the grace of God so that in can promote love and establish unity. There is great uncertainty in our present time, but looking at the life of this great saint, we are inspired by his personal struggles to search and to see the perfect goodness in the middle of darkness and the pain of evil in every human suffering and confusion.

Yes, we are in the dark. Our hearts will never stop to search for the light. Let Saint Augustine, we pray for guidance and enlightenment. Augustine declares, “God enlightens, and in your light we see light.”


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