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STC and UC Social Work Interns Organize Activities in Kinatarcan

The Social Work Interns from St. Theresa’s College of Cebu (STC) and the University of Cebu Main Campus (UC-Main) who worked in PADO, together with Fr. Basilio S. Sugataon, OSA (Prior of the Basilica del Sto. Nino de Cebu), Mrs. Carmelita M. Egot, RSW (Philippine Augustinians Development Office – PADO Deputy Director), and Ms. Teressa Ceballos, RSW (SNAF Social Worker) went on a Mission Trip in Brgy. Hagdan, Kinatarcan Island last June 3-5, 2022.

The interns simultaneously conducted activities for the residents in Brgy. Hagdan during their three-day mission trip. Their arrival in Kinatarcan Island on June 3 was filled with productivity and fun as the interns prepared for their agenda in the local community. A few hours after their arrival, the interns, under the supervision of their Agency Field Instructors (AFI) went to the community to conduct a Courtesy Call with the Punong Barangay, Hon. Merlina E. Placencia, and to inform the constituents about the undertakings.

As part of their final requirements in Field Instruction Class, Kurt Labiste, and Jhean Cabanit (STC Interns) organized a community validation activity the next day, June 4. This was to ensure the data they had gathered from their Key-Informant Interview last April 4 and 5, 2022 were valid and could be used in making an updated profile of Brgy. Hagdan. Most of the data presented were accurate and used to update the profile. Part of the activity also was to confirm the needs and problems presented by the residents from the interview. Likewise, the social work interns presented their recommendations to aid the community’s needs and problems.

On the same day, the interns, led by Melrose Carabuena, Roda May Duran, and Edchris Gabuya (UC Interns), also conducted Art Therapy for the locals. The therapy was done to relieve strong emotions and decrease the emotional distress of the participants through creative expressions such as drawing, painting, coloring, and writing. With the activity, the participants could identify their feelings and share them, especially from their experiences during typhoons and other disasters. After a long day of fieldwork, the community leaders toured us around the community, and we relished the beautiful sites and beaches on the Island.

During our last day of the mission trip, June 5, 2022, Fr. Basil celebrated a Sunday Mass in Brgy. Hagdan. The chapel was filled with many people, particularly children. The interns, with the help of Ms. Teressa Ceballos, organized a brief activity for the children in the gymnasium. They played games with the kids and distributed school supplies, slippers, and food to 105 children donated by a close friend of Fr. John Ion Miranda, OSA, the Executive Director of Santo Nino de Cebu Augustinian Social Development Foundation, Inc. (SNAF). The interns, including their AFIs (Ms. Mimi and Ms. Tere), and Fr. Basilio, left the island at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The mission trip to Kinatarcan was a success because of the joint effort of the interns, the AFIs, and the agencies of PADO, SNAF, and Basilica Children’s Welfare Foundation.

Prepared by:  Kurt Ryu Labiste, STC SW Intern

NOTED: Carmelita M. Egot, RSW, PADO Deputy

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