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Saint Augustine  

Even though Saint Augustine is not the founder of the Augustinian Order in the same sense that Francis and Dominic founded their religious families, he is, nonetheless, the spiritual Father and inspiration of our Order and of what we know today as the Augustinian way of life. Without him, there would be no ideal such as we propose to live (Fr. Theodore V. Tack, OSA, Prior General of the Order of Saint Augustine from 1971 to 1983).  

Saint Augustine was “an eminent member of the body of the Lord.” In company with his friends he decided to establish a type of religious life inspired by the early community of Jerusalem. He did this first as a layman at Tagaste and then at Hippo as a priest and later as bishop in accord with the rule established by the holy apostles. This ideal of the servants of God, their knowledge, continence, and profound poverty, spread through the north of Roman Africa, where many of his followers served as clerics in the Christina communities. The formulation of this way of life experienced by him has been passed on to us through his writings, especially the Rule and those documents that refer to his conception of the monastic life. For this reason, our Order from its very beginning has recognized him as its father, master, and spiritual guide, not only because it has received the Rule and the name of the Order from him, but also because it has received from him its doctrine and spirituality (from the Constitutions of the Order of Saint Augustine Part I, Chapter I, verse 2).  


Image of the Bishop of Hippo enshrined at San Agustin Center of Studies (SACS) in Quezon City. SACS is one of the three formation houses of the Augustinian Province of Santo Niño de Cebu -Philippines.  


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