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Augustinian Letters

A More Human and Shared Religious Life
Letter of the Prior General 26 May 2020 ...
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Message from the Prior General Regarding the Pandemic COVID-19
The first is that we should not minimize the problem. The situation is very serious Perhaps it is hard for us to accept it and we tend to downplay the issue. Made no mistake. The pandemic is advancing in an apparently unstoppable way and it is contaminating continents and nations, ...
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Red Candles and Social Justice
The Santo Niño Candle House is a factory that primarily fulfills the candle needs of the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu, the home of the miraculous image of Senor Santo Niño (the Holy Child) at Cebu in the southern Philippines ...
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Homily on the 30th Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Province
Exactly 30 years ago (1984) on the same 15th of January the inaugural mass on the creation of the newest Province in the Augustinian Order and the only one in Asia (others are only Vicariates or Delegation) took place ...
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Message of Provincial on Kaplag Rev Fr Eusebio Berdon
Augustinians Wish All a Meaningful “Kaplag”
Fervent preparations are being undertaken for the celebration of the three significant events in the life of the Order of St. Augustine (OSA) ...
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Community by Ian Ronnel Garcia
A community is an agora. It is a place of interaction. It is a place wherein residing in the cognito has no place. Staying secluded in one’s own space is not really fully welcomed ...
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Sharing of Goods to the Poor in the Life and Teaching of Saint Augustine
The evangelical counsels are professed for the service of God and His people. They are embraced for the glory of others. As Augustinians, Jesus Christ always wants us to promote the common good and not our own interest ...
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Dynamism of Ideal Augustinian Common Living
Every human person, no matter how aloof or indifferent he is, will always have an innate desire to love and be loved, to belong and be accepted in a group or among a circle of friends, to go home to a family which would really feel like “home,” and to ...
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Fellowship through the Life of the Other
Fellowship through the Life of the Order
Life in a community demands living in fellowship! It is experiencing Christ through the other. A community composed of different individuals is bound together with common interest. What ever kind of community it may be the common interest is never lost ...
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Fr Antolin N Asor OSA
My Mission Service in the Atlantic Coast of Canada
The Diocese of Antigonish has a significant missionary element on its past. Coming here, therefore, as a missionary worker myself from the Philippines takes me back to historical recounting of the early beginnings of the diocese in the 17th century ...
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