Saint Thomas of Villanova Institute (STVI) Philosophical Symposium

Saint Thomas of Villanova Institute
(STVI) Philosophical Symposium


Philosophical Symposium

The Saint Thomas of Villanova Institute (STVI) held a philosophical symposium with the theme “Ageless Wonder: A Symposium on the Philosophy of Love” last November 23, 2019. The symposium’s theme was in line with this year’s formation thrust “Caritas: Sharing the Apostolate in the Community.” It was held at the Saint Thomas of Villanova Multi-Purpose Hall and featured different speakers. Almost 200 participants joined the whole day affair.

1st Speaker:
Jean Emily P. Tan, Ph.D.
“Aristotle on Friendship and Virtue”

2nd Speaker:
Fr. V. Fullente Suarez, Ph.L.
“Ordo Amoris in Thomas Aquinas”

3rd Speaker:
Jove Jim S. Aguas, Ph.D.
“Karol Wojtyla on Love and Sexuality”

4th Speaker:
Fr. Gilbert D. Queñano, CMF

“Henri Bergson’s Open and Close Morality as a Paradigm for Love and Solidarity”

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