Blessed Christine of Spoleto

Feast Day: Feb, 13

Agostina Camozzi was the daughter of a well-known doctor in Ostenso in the Italian
province of Como. A graceful and attractive young woman, she married at an early age
but within a short time was left widowed. In a second relationship she suffered the loss
of her only child, a son. A subsequent marriage left her widowed again, this time at the
hands of a jealous rival. In about 1450 Agostina underwent a serious conversion,
became an Augustinian Tertiary, and changed her name to that of Christine. Her life
now was to be one of penance, prayer, and the works of mercy. She lived in various
Augustinian convents, moving from one to another, in order to remain in obscurity as
best she could. In 1457 she undertook a pilgrimage with the intention of visiting Assisi,
Rome and Jerusalem. Together with another tertiary she arrived in Spoleto in the
province of Perugia where she devoted herself to the care of the sick and where she
died on February 13, 1458, not yet 30 years of age. Her body was interred in the
Church of Saint Nicholas in Spoleto, which at the time belonged to the Augustinians.
Her reputation as a woman of holiness and a worker of numerous miracles caused
devotion to Christine to spread quickly and widely. Gregory XVI confirmed her cult in
1834, proclaiming her blessed.
Blessed Christine reminds us that even the possession of good and worthy
things in life may not bring us the security and happiness we seek. Our certain
and dependable hope is in God. Disappointment and misfortune will not defeat us
if we are rooted in him.

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