Blessed Josephine Mary of Benigánim, virgin

Blessed Josephine of the Purification

Josephine Teresa was born into a poor family at Benigánim (Valencia), Spain, onJanuary 9, 1625. She entered the local Augustinian convent of the discalcedobservance of the Order as a lay sister, taking the name Josephine Mary of SaintAgnes. This convent had been founded in 1597 by the Archbishop of Valencia, SaintJohn of Ribera. All of […]

Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe, bishop

Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe 1

Fulgentius, a member of the Gordiani senatorial family, was born in 462 at Thelepte (modern-day Medinet-el-Kedima) in Tunisia. As a young man he held the position of procurator in the Vandal administration and was responsible for the collection of taxes. Later he felt a call to the religious life and decided to become a monk […]