Saint John of Sahagún, priest

Saint John of Sahagun priest

John González was born in 1430 of a well-to-do family in Sahagún de Campos, Spain. He studied under the Benedictines in his native city, showing great promise. In 1454 he was ordained priest by the bishop of Burgos and held the office of chaplain at the church of Saint Gadea. When his bishop died in […]

Blessed James of Viterbo, bishop

Blessed James of Viterbo bishop

Thought by some historians to be a descendant of the noble Capocci family, James was born in Viterbo, Italy, around 1255. He joined the Augustinians in 1272 at the monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in his native city, and was sent to study theology at the Order’s newly opened General House of Studies in […]