Saint Rita of Cascia, religious

Saint Rita of Cascia religious

Rita Lotti was born in 1381 in the little village of Roccaporena, Italy, the only child of a devout and humble Christian couple. She was given in marriage at a young age to Paolo Mancini and together they raised two sons. When Paolo was murdered as the result of a long-standing family rivalry, Rita was […]

Blessed Clement of Osimo & Augustine of Tarano, priests

Blessed Clement of Osimo Augustine of Tarano priests

Clement was born at the very beginning of the 13th Century in the Italian region known as The Marches of Ancona. As a youth he joined the Hermits of Brettino, one of the congregations which later came to form the Order of Saint Augustine in 1256. Subsequent to the Grand Union he was elected Prior Provincial […]

Blessed William of Toulouse, priest

Blessed William of Toulouse priest

William was born in Toulouse, France, around the year 1297. At the age of 19 he entered the Augustinian monastery in his native city and was sent to study in Paris where he received the title of lector in theology. Afterwards he devoted himself especially to the ministry of preaching, for which he became well […]

Saints Alypius and Possidius, bishops

Saints Alypius and Possidius bishops

Alypius was born in the middle of the fourth century in Tagaste, Africa, to parents who were influential citizens of that city. He studied law in Rome, but first met Augustine while at school in Carthage. Augustine praised Alypius, whom he called “the brother of my heart”, for his honesty, sincerity and sense of justice. Like […]

Our Lady of Help

Our Lady of Help

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin under the title ‘Our Lady of Help’ or ‘Our Lady of Succor’, began at the start of the 14th Century in the Church of Saint Augustine in Palermo, Sicily. Fr. Nicola Bruno, theologian, preacher and prior of the friary there, having suffered continually from unbearable pains in his side, invoked […]

Blessed William Tirry, priest and martyr

Blessed William Tirry priest and martyr

William was born in Cork, Ireland, in 1608. He entered the Order when he was 18 years old and did his studies at Valladolid, Paris and Brussels. Following ordination to the priesthood he returned to Ireland as a member of the Augustinian community in Cork, a city which became predominantly Protestant with the war of […]

Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady of Grace

This title of ‘Our Lady of Grace’ is the oldest with which the Order has shown veneration to Mary. The General Chapter of 1284 prescribed the daily recitation or chant of the ‘Benedicta Tu’ precisely in honor of Our Lady of Grace. The antiphon ‘Ave Regina Caelorum’, also dating back to the 13th Century, is […]