Saint Alonso de Orozco, priest

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Alonso was born on October 17, 1500 in Oropesa, Toledo, Spain, to deeply Christian parents. When he was still young the family moved to the nearby city of Talavera de la Reina, where he received his schooling. At the age of 14 Alonso’s parents sent him to the University of Salamanca where his brother Francisco […]

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, priest

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Nicholas is the first member of the Order to have been canonized, and for much of the Order’s history served as the model – par excellence – of the perfect integration of a life of contemplation with that of active ministry among God’s people. He was born in 1245 in Sant’Angelo in Pontano, Italy, and […]

Mary, our Mother of Consolation

Mary our Mother of Consolation

The title of Our Mother of Consolation has been the principal devotion to Mary within the Order at least since the 17th Century. Its origin among the Augustinians is directly tied to the life of Saints Monica and Augustine who are commonly depicted together with the figures of Mary and the Child Jesus in renditions […]