St. Augustine of Hippo The Augustinian Province of Sto. Niño de Cebu-Philippines, trusting in the divine guidance, hereby promulgates these Statutes, in accordance with the norms of the Constitutions (270, a), to help the brothers live their Augustinian and religious calling more fully and carry out their apostolic responsibility more effectively.

VISION: The Province, faithful to the charism handed down by the Spiritual Father and Founder of the Augustinian Order, Saint Augustine, and to its mendicant tradition, strives to live its VISION, which is “a community of brothers and friends, living harmoniously with one mind and one heart intent upon God and sharing goods in common for the service of the people of God.”

MISSION: In union with the whole Order of St. Augustine, it envisions to realize the aspiration and dream of the AUGUSTINIANS guided by the Province’s MISSION, which is:

A) To incarnate the Augustinian way of life, characterized by interiority, fraternal communion, sharing of goods, simplicity of life, hard work and diligence, in established communities of the Province and other organizations entrusted to the care of its members;

C) To cultivate the Augustinian Patrimony (e.g. life and works of St. Augustine, history and tradition of the Order, etc.) through its study and to promote the same among the members of the Province and the people we work with; and

D) To serve the people of God in the various apostolate of the Province (parishes, schools, formation houses and mission) in response to the needs of the Church and the Order from the standpoint of “preferential option for the poor” and towards the building of God’s kingdom.

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