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Vocation is a call from God. And all States of Life are called by God to holiness. Our religious state or vocation to religious life is a special gift from God that enables a person to live one’s baptismal consecration radically through the evangelical counsels in following the Total Christ. It is also a call to serve and sanctify God’s people in the Church “according to each one’s mission and charism.”

Augustinian religious life has shown its inherent power to attract people to follow the Total Christ (Totus Christus) through the ideals embraced by Augustine “in living together in a community in oneness of mind and heart on the way to God.” “For love of the charism we have received, so that our Order may properly continue its mission in the Church, we should not only gladly accept those who feel themselves called by God and asked to be admitted to the Order, but we should also promote vocations in every place where the Order is active.” Therefore it is the “fundamental priority” of the Province and all friars especially those who are assigned in the different areas of apostolate of the Province such as pastoral care, missionary activities, educational institutions and centers of formation, to “promote vocations to Augustinian religious life.”

The Augustinian friars acknowledge the gift of the laity in the church in which the task of promoting vocations to Augustinian religious life is a collaborative mission. The establishment of a local vocation promoter group to every community has been seen as the grounds to gather and nurture vocations to the priesthood and religious life. They are called, “Augustinian Vocation Promoters”. Here is a list of the growing number of Augustinian vocation promoters.

Are you restless?

We are inviting young men to join us in our restless search for God in service to a community as a religious brother or a priest.


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